How to adjust your car mirror accordingly 

How to adjust your car mirror accordingly 

If you know how to use your car mirror properly, you can refrain from encountering accidents. However, there are some important tips that you should keep in mind to adjust the car mirror accordingly. Here are some of the most useful tips out of them. 개인운전연수


  • Be comfortable before you adjust the car mirror 

Adjust your seat so that you can view the road while still being able to access all of the vehicle’s controls. To help you get more comfortable, many modern automobiles include tilt and telescopic steering columns.

Electrically adjustable foot pedals are available on several new Ford Motor Company models to provide a pleasant driving experience for short, middle, and tall drivers. If your seats aren’t changeable and you’re still sitting too low, a seat cushion or, better yet, having your technician raise your seat permanently is a good option. Do this before fastening your seatbelt. Then you can go ahead and adjust the car mirror. 도로운전연수

  • Adjust the interior rearview car mirror

The position of the inner rearview mirror is self-explanatory; you should be able to look out the back window from the driver’s seat. During daylight operation, make sure the day/night switch on most rearview mirrors is in the day position. The night mode minimizes the glare from headlights behind you, allowing you to see more clearly.


  • Adjusting auto-dimming rearview mirrors 

If you drive at night, you’ve probably noticed the irritating and often hazardous glare from the headlights of vehicles approaching from behind. While regular rearview mirrors include a day-night switch, automatic dimming mirrors dim to decrease glare from approaching vehicles’ headlights.

The darker your car mirror gets when the glare is stronger, making nighttime driving safer. About 10 percent of cars sold by U.S. companies now have this important safety function. Auto-dimming car mirror is usually not available individually and is only included in costly luxury group packages.


  • Adjust the external car mirror 

Most individuals adjust their side-view mirrors or mirrors so that they can see the car’s side from the inner edge of the mirror. Are you aware of the massive blind areas you’ve created if you adjust your mirrors based on those criteria? 

To put it another way, you’ve established “tunnel vision” to the back. You’ve created blind spots since your side view mirrors overlap much of what your inner rearview mirrors observe. What’s the best way to deal with tunnel vision and blind spots?

Simply adjust the side view car mirror to the point where you can see the car’s side on the inner edge of the mirror with your car. You can nearly entirely eliminate the blind spot problem with this arrangement.

turning a car driver adjusting car mirror 

It takes some getting used to, but it is a significant improvement. A few quick pointers: For the driver’s side mirror, follow these instructions: Place your head against the glass, then adjust the mirror so you can see the side of your vehicle.

Lean-to the right in the driver’s seat so that your head is in the car’s centerline for the passenger’s side mirror. Adjust the mirror till you can see the side of your vehicle.

Make sure your vehicle’s side and rearview mirrors are positioned for optimum road visibility as one strategy to protect yourself. If all three of your mirrors are properly aligned, you should be able to watch a car leave your rearview mirror and effortlessly move to one of your side-view mirrors.

You should be concerned about any vehicles that aren’t visible in your mirrors. When checking their side-view mirrors, drivers with strong peripheral vision will see them.

Follow these tips and adjust the car mirror accordingly to ensure secure driving.